Danks and Floyd

I read there is serious interest in Andiono in the market. Thinking of this is this the Highest and Best Value we should expect for him due to shortage of ss and versatile infielders?? Seems timing is everything!
Add to this I read too hat White Sox are willing to trade Danks and Floyd.
Is a trade for Matusz, Tillmam and Andino enough? There is a significant salary for the O’s to take with deal so value somewhat diminished?? The Sox are in need of an outfielder too. So if need be I could add Angle or Hudson. Just not sure value from us is enough. What would it take???
Yes we give up a versatile infielder with an average bat and sold defense at ss. Yes Matusz is “going” to be a really good pitcher. But any deal worth making is painful for both sides. Pitching and defense are the hallmarks of winners. Imagine a rotation-Danks, Guthrie, Britton, Floyd and Arrieta. All I need is defese with some decent offense and ……

But again what does it take for this deal?? By the way Edwin Jackson is high on my list. No Draft picks to give. We need to be smart and build the monors for 2 years from now.


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